I am Director of the University of Michigan Press. Previoiusly, I have been Associate Director of the University Press of New England; editorial director of Anchor Books and Dial Press at Doubleday; and publisher, editor-in-chief of Prentice Hall Press at Simon & Schuster. That followed a decade at the University of Pennsylvania where I had a joint appointment in the Departments of History and Sociology.

I have been writing on university presses and the digital transformation. Two articles appeared in the Journal of Electronic Publishing: 1. "Scholarly Publishing at the Digital Tipping Point" (Vol 11, no. 2); 2. "U.P. 2.0: Some Theses on Academic Publishing (Vol 13, no. 1). Recently, I edited a special issue of the JEP: "Reimagining the University Press" (Vol 13, no. 2)