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One of the greatest challenges facing academic institutions in the twenty-first century is determining how best to implement new technologies in the publication of scholarly work. With new and constantly evolving digital tools now at our disposal, are we at the stage where we can or ought to concentrate on generating digital-born scholarship? What will, or should, such scholarship look like? What publishing practices ought to be preserved and which can be improved upon? How can we progress as mission-driven scholars and publishers and be sure that we are not compromising what is essential to our core mission - namely, the quality of our content - to the expediency of new forms of communication (or just plain fun)? In order to address these questions, the Bard Graduate Center is bringing together a group of thoughtful commentators on digital scholarly publication to talk about its future . This gathering aims to address not only practical questions of format and administration, but also theoretical questions about the nature of scholarly publication in the digital age.

Participants will include:

Cheryl Ball - Illinois State University, Associate Professor; Kairos, Editor

Douglas Eyman - George Mason University, Assistant Professor; Kairos, Senior Editor and Publisher

Kathleen Fitzpatrick - Pomona College, Professor; MediaCommons, Co-Founder

Josh Greenberg - Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Program Director

David Jaffee - Bard Graduate Center, Professor, Head of New Media Research

Kimon Keramidas - Bard Graduate Center, Assistant Director for the Digital Media Lab, Adjunct Lecturer

Daniel Lee - Bard Graduate Center, Managing Editor

Peter N. Miller - Bard Graduate Center, Dean, Professor

Phil Pochoda - University of Michigan Press, Director

Abby Smith Rumsey - University of Virginia Library, Director, Scholarly Communication Institute

Elena Pinto Simon - Bard Graduate Center, Dean, Academic Administration and Student Affairs

Kathy Sparks - Dumbarton Oaks, Publications Manager

Paul Stirton - Bard Graduate Center, Associate Professor; W86, Editor-in-Chief

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